Balinese Massage

We offer Balinese Massage service. A Balinese massage is a form of deep massage, and is designed to work almost every muscle in the body

Balinese Massage in Gurgoan

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage: Amrita spa center also offer Swedish Massage service. This therapy is among the ones which are really soothing with smooth.

Swedish Massage in Gurgoan

Deep Tissue Massage

this one neurological kind of massage which is mainly opted for injuries and medical ailments. his helps you reduce the muscle tension by targeting the deepest tissue layer.

Deep Tissue Massage

Thai Massage

The Paris Spa offers you relaxing therapies with all its authenticity, intricacies and wisdom. It offers you authentic and expert Thai therapists from Gurgoan & Delhi.

Thai Massage in Gurgoan

Sports Massage

Sports massage is specifically designed for people who are involved in physical activity, but you don't have top be a professional athlete.

Sports Massage in Gurgoan

Aroma Therapy Massage

Aroma Massage has so many benefits to offer. For a tiring and drained out soul like yours, this therapy can do wonders. Sensory aroma massage when done by professionals will leave.

Aroma Therapy Massage in Gurgoan

Full Body Massage

The full body massage is offered to both the genders. In this technique, each part of your body is massaged with equal attention and priority.

Thai Massage in Gurgoan

Body scrub

Scrub means rubbing small granules on your skin surface to remove impurities and dust. This is a very effective way to clean your skin, make it radiant, improve the glow

Sports Massage in Gurgoan